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FREE Big Books for Download

The 4th Edition: Free 1st Edition

The Little Big Book: Free 1st Edition

El Libro Azul: Free Spanish Translation

Segunda Edição: Free Portugese Translation

Das Blaue Buch: Free German Translation

Синяя Книга: Free Russian Translation

Big Book Plus: Contains free self extracting files: BigBook.exe - The Big Book (1st Edition), Manuscrp.exe - The Original Manuscript, stories.exe - The Stories from the 1st Edition

FREE AA related for Download

Shareware Big Book Concordance: Searchable PDF format.

Traditions:Long Form - RTF format.

Traditions:Long Form - PDF format.

Traditions:Combination Short & Long Form - PDF format.

Concepts:RTF format.

Concepts:PDF format.

Group Resolution Concerning Big Book Profits:PDF format.

AA Related Tax Info for download

1997 AAWS 990 Tax Return

1998 AAWS 990 Tax Return
1998 AAGV 990 Tax Return
1998 GSBAA 990 Tax Return

1999 AAWS 990 Tax Return
1999 AAGV 990 Tax Return
1999 GSBAA 990 Tax Return

2000 AAWS 990 Tax Return
2000 AAGV 990 Tax Return
2000 GSBAA 990 Tax Return

2001 AAWS 990 Tax Return
2001 AAGV 990 Tax Return
2001 GSBAA 990 Tax Return

2002 AAWS 990 Tax Return

2002 GSBAA 990 Tax Return

2003 AAWS 990 Tax Return
2003 AAGV 990 Tax Return
2003 GSBAA 990 Tax Return
2003 Step Stones 990 Tax Return

2004 AAWS 990 Tax Return
2004 AAGV 990 Tax Return
2004 GSBAA 990 Tax Return
2004 Step Stones 990 Tax Return

2005 AAWS 990 Tax Return
2005 AAGV 990 Tax Return
2005 GSBAA 990 Tax Return
2005 Step Stones 990 Tax Return

2006 AAWS 990 Tax Return
2006 AAGV 990 Tax Return
2006 GSBAA 990 Tax Return
2006 Step Stones 990 Tax Return

2007 AAWS 990 Tax Return
2007 AAGV 990 Tax Return
2007 GSBAA 990 Tax Return
2007 Step Stone 990 Tax Return

2008 AAWS 990 Tax Return
2008 AAGV 990 Tax Return
2008 GSBAA 990 Tax Return
2008 Step Stone 990 Tax Return

Correspondence of Interest

7/23/1946 Statement on Future Organization of the Alcoholics Foundation Board of Trustees.-- 1946 Opposition to Bill's plans for a General Service Conference
1/27/99 Greg Muth Authorization to Sue in Germany-- "Grant of Authority" to for AAeV to sue Matthew M. of the AABBSG
4/1/99 AAWS Attorney letter to Greg Muth-- AAWS Attorney Cynthia Weber's 'legal strategy' regarding German Litigations letter to Greg Muthk ~485Kb Zip File containing PDF file.
7/7/03 Gordon Patrick Letter to E. McDowell-- includes "An Opportunity for Service" essay,& Info on Gordon Patrick ~9Kb Zip File containing RTF file.
7/7/03 Gordon Patrick Letter to E. McDowell-- includes "An Opportunity for Service" essay,& Info on Gordon Patrick ~108Kb PDF File.
AAWs to KPF Part 1 May 10, 2004 letter about various AA controversies and litigations. --[Mostly glossed over lies]
AAWs to KPF Part 2 May 10, 2004 letter Chronology 2004 - Challenge to AA Unity and Legacy. --[Mostly blatant inaccuracies and lies]
AAWs to KPF Part 3 May 10, 2004 letter Chronology 2004 - Challenge to AA Unity and Legacy continued. --[Mostly blatant inaccuracies and lies]

Essays of Interest

Changing the fellowship -- How rewriting AA literature changes what AA really is...
Thoughts About the A.A. Organization -- May 16, 1994 indepth essay about the structure of corporate AA vs. 'democratic' AA...
Spirituality versus Legalism in AA -- " by Charlie Bishop, Jr., an investigative essay discusses in depth AAWS legal and corporate actions...

Literature of Interest

The Common Sense of Drinking Richard R. Peabody
I Was a Pagan V.C. Kitchen
Remaking a Man Courtenay Baylor

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El Libro Azul: Translation of 1st Edition created by ad hoc translation committee of Seccion Mexico General Service Conference: Reproduction authorized September 11, 2003. Dallas, Texas.

Segunda Edio: Believed to be a translation of the 1st Edition produced in cooperation of AABBSG and Seccion Mexico ad hoc translation committee(s).

Das Blau Book: (The Blue Book) No copyright secured by AABBSG translation committee, reproduction authorized.

Синяя Книга: Believed to be translated by AABBSG, no copyright secured.

Big Book Plus: 1st Edition & stories, copyright expired 1967. Original Manuscript: Published and sold without copyright notice 1938, copyright lost forever upon publication and sale.

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