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History Links and Other A.A. Resources

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HISTORY: (L., historia), A learning by inquiry, knowledge, a narrative, coordinating, and explaining past events, all recorded events of the past.

This site is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (AAWS). AAWS has neither reviewed nor endorsed the contents of this site. If you wish to visit the AAWS Web page, please click here.

By clicking on the photo of Dr. Bob (left) you will go to the Web page of Dr. Bob's Home in Akron, Ohio. By clicking on the photo of Bill W. (right) you will go to the Web page of Wilson House where Bill was born in East Dorset, VT. Dr. Bob and Bill W. were co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Most of the links on this page will lead you to informative Web sites relating to the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and the movements that preceded it. Usually, clicking on the graphic will take you to those sites. Some sites may contain controversial information, often suppressed and not generally available. Others are just my personal A.A. recovery favorites. Many of these sites will have links to other Web pages relating to A.A. and recovery. Please Bookmark (Favorite Places) this page so you can come back soon in order to continue on the journey exploring A.A. History.

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Important information relating to A.A.'s past, present and future. Much of the information contained on this Web site has been tried to be supressed from A.A. members and is offered here in order to allow the Fellowship the opportunity to make Informed Group Conscience Decisions relating to A.A.'s future. Click on the Warning light or the links to take you there.

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Abraham Lincoln's "Address before the Springfield Washington Temperance Society." February 22, 1842. Clicking on Honest Abe's portrait will take you to that speech.

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1878 Article, "View of the Washingtonians." The Washington Temperance Society of Baltimore, Maryland was one of the most successful Temperance Societies. Many of their ideas helped form A.A. and many of their mistakes helped in the formation of A.A.'s 12 Traditions. This 1860 map of Baltimore, MD will take you to that article.

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Frank N.D. Buchman was the Founder of the Oxford Group. Many of the ideas expressed in the book Alcoholics Anonymous are to be found in Oxford Group literature. Both Dr. Bob and Bill W. were members of the Oxford Group. Bob in Akron and Bill in New York at the Rev. Samuel M. Shoemaker's Calvary Episcopal Church. Click on Frank Buchman's picture and you will go to an article entitled the "Oxford Group Connection."

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The Akron Genesis of Alcoholics Anonymous is one of several books written by Dick B. about the Spiritual Roots of A.A.. Dick B. has thoroughly researched and documented the connections between the Oxford Group and other early Spiritual literature and Alcoholics Anonymous. The foundations of A.A. came directly from the Scriptures and most of the Oxford Group writing's. Anyone who wants to learn about where A.A. came from will be amazed by the true story of A.A.'s Spiritual Roots. By clicking on to The Akron Genesis of Alcoholics Anonymous, you will be taken to Dick B.'s Web pages.

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By clicking on to this photo of Bill W. as a young man, you will be taken to a Flow Chart about the History of A.A. These pages will give you dates and information relating to A.A.'s history.

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The Cleveland Plain Dealer hosted a series of articles by Elrick Davis from October - November 1939. These articles were about A.A. and helped launch the tremendous growth Cleveland A.A. had in the early days. Clicking on this early 1900's Cleveland, Ohio Streetcar Token will take you to these articles.


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Clicking on his photo will take you to HOW IT WORKED. The hard copy of the book is no longer available. Over 10,000 copies have been distributed free of charge. The Foreword was written by Ernest Kurtz, PhD., author of NOT-GOD, A History of Alcoholics Anonymous. This book, written by Mitchell K. who was Sponsored by Clarence has already received rave reviews from those who have read it both on the Web and in hard copy.
  Clarence S. (Home Brewmeister) was one of the original 100 members of A.A. His Sponsor was Dr. Bob and Clarence started A.A. in Cleveland, Ohio. Clarence was responsible for many "firsts" in A.A.  Rotation of Officers,  Formulating Sponsorship as we know it today,  A.A.'s first Newsletter (Cleveland Central Bulletin)  and many others. Clarence's biography and an early history of A.A. in Cleveland, Ohio is available on the Web. Clarence had over 46 years of continuous sobriety when he passed away in 1984. 

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 In September 1939, Liberty Magazine published an article by Morris Markey entitled "Alcoholics and God." This was the first National article about A.A. and was well received. Click on the the Statue of Liberty in order to be taken to the Web page with that article.

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The FOUR ABSOLUTES of the Oxford Group were used by early A.A. members to check their motives by. Even though they never made it into the Big Book, Bill W. stated that he added them to the text by implication. This was done to keep A.A. seperate from the Oxford Group yet maintain the same Spiritual ideals. Click on the circle and triangle logo to read the Four Absolute Pamphlet. The pamphlet is still being used in Cleveland, Ohio today and the Web site you will be taken to contains the entire text of this historic pamphlet.

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A.A. History is explored in a series of on-going articles written by Mitchell K. The first article of the series, Why Study A.A. History, gives an overview of the reasons why A.A. members should know where A.A. came from. Carl Sandburg is quoted as saying: "Whenever a civilization or society declines or perishes there is always one condition present - they forgot where they came from." There is a lot of new data contained in these articles, some not even found in the "Conference-Approved" literature. Click on to the Lighthouse to be taken to the Web site index for these articles.

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One of the best Recovery Web sites on the Internet is On-Line AA Recovery Resources. This site contains many recovery related links containing great information. There are downloadable versions of the Big Book (1st Edition and Manuscript) as well as other useful tools for recovery. Click on the computer to take you there.



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The Alcoholism Site on about.com contains many different articles relating to alcoholism and other relevant topics. There is a Bulletin Board and two chat rooms to share your experience, strength and hope with others. Chat Room 1 is an open chat and Room 2 has scheduled, A.A., Al-Anon, Al-Ateen, ACOA and other meetings. This is by far, the BEST chat room on the Internet. Buddy T. is your "Guide" on the Alcoholism site at About.com. Click on the photo of Dr. Bob and Bill W. and you will be taken there to begin your journey through this wonderful Web site.

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The Chester H. Kirk Collection at Brown University's Center for Alcoholism and Addiction Studies in Providence, Rhode Island is one of the largest repositories of Alcoholism, A.A. and Temperance materials. The collection contains more than 15,000 items and the process has begun to make this collection available to researchers and those interested in the history of A.A. Click on to the Chester H. Kirk Collection Logo and you will be able to read about the Collection housed at Brown University.

"We Are Not A Glum Lot"

is a great Web site containing a lot of A.A. History and Trivia as well as other Recovery information. Click on to the "We Are Not A Glum Lot" and you will be transported there to learn more about A.A. History.


How Does One Get A Prescription for a Miracle?

Trust God

Clean House

Help Others

said Dr. Bob

History is always happening. What happened yesterday or even this morning is tomorrow's history. We will attempt to continue to bring you links to sites containing information relating to the history of Alcoholics Anonymous. These sites may inform you, amuse you and sometimes make you think. We do not claim any responsibility for their content. Alcoholics Anonymous, the Fellowship sometimes can be very different from Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. One is a Spiritual entity and one is a business. Both hopefully have but one primary purpose: To carry the message of recovery from alcoholism to the still sick and suffering alcoholic who wants to recover.

On this site we do not have a desire to sell you anything. We offer a gift, free of charge. That gift is the promise that if you are a "real alcoholic" and you want to recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body, then there is a solution. That solution can be found both in the basic text of the book, Alcoholics Anonymous and in the Experience, Strength and Hope of the thousands of alcoholics who have recovered by following the life changing program of Alcoholics Anonymous and by living the 12 Steps.

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation."

Herbert Spencer (p570 - Alcoholics Anonymous)

animbox.gif (3164 bytes) Please let us know of any new sites or if you want more information on A.A. History. We welcome all correspondence, just click on to the mailbox. We are always searching the World Wide Web for more Alcoholics Anonymous History links to add to this page...

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