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A.A. Pioneers

Hank P.
Hank's story, THE UNBELIEVER is in the First Edition 

Clarence S.
Clarence's story, HOME BREWMEISTER is in all three editions. 

Ernie G.
Ernie's story, THE SEVEN MONTH SLIP is in the First Edition 

Charlie S.
Charlie's story, RIDING THE RODS is in the First Edition 

Bob O.
Bob's story, THE SALESMAN is in the First Edition 

Archie T.
Archie's story, THE FEARFUL ONE is in the First Edition In later editions, his story is called THE MAN WHO MASTERED FEAR  

Dick S.
Dick's story, THE CAR SMASHER is in the First Edition 

Bill D.
Bill's story, ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS NUMBER THREE is in the Second and Third Edition 

Abby G.
Abby's story, HE THOUGHT HE COULD DRINK LIKE A GENTLEMAN is in the Second and Third Edition 

Marty M.
Marty's story, WOMEN SUFFER TOO is in the Second and Third Edition 

Ethel M.
Ethel's story, FROM FARM TO CITY is in the Second and Third Edition 

Earl T.
Earl's story, HE SOLD HIMSELF SHORT is in the Second and Third Edition 

Sylvia K.
Sylvia's story, THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM is in the Second and Third Edition 

Esther A.
Esther's story, A FLOWER OF THE SOUTH is in the second and Third Edition 

Ebby T.
This is the last reported photo of Ebby before he passed on.  

Dr. Bob and Anne
Dr. Bob was a co-founder of A.A. and Anne S. held the first meetings for wives in Akron.

Early Members
Just prior to the first AA World Service Conference and Convention in 1950, Bill W. visited Cleveland, Ohio and met with some of the early members there.

Group Photo
An early, 1940's informal group photo of members in California (possibly Long Beach). Bill W. is on the right and Dr. Bob on the left. Anne S., Dr. Bob's wife is in the center with a cigarette. 

Bill and Dr. Bob
Dr. Bob and Bill W. with an unidentified man (possibly Dr. Harry Tiebout) in Akron, Ohio. 

Bill D. and Sue
Bill D., AA #3 with Dr. Bob's daughter Sue. 

Bill D. and Helen B.
Bill D., AA #3 with Helen B., an early AA Grapevine Editor. 

Another "Man on the Bed" Photo
Bill W. visiting a prospective AA member in a hospital. Another "Man On The Bed" picture. 

Bill and Lois
A Later Christmas picture.

Bill and Lois
After Anne S.'s funeral.


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