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Early Friends of A.A.

Ruth Hock
Ruth was AA's first secretary and typed the manuscript for the Big Book. 

Dr. Silkworth
Dr. Silkworth wrote the Dr.'s Opinion in the Big Book and was Bill's physician at Towns Hospital in New York 

Rev. Samuel M. Shoemaker
Sam was the pastor at Calvary Episcopal Church in New York where he headed the Oxford Group there. He was also a great friend of early AA. 

Henrietta Seiberling
It was at Henrietta's home where Bob and Bill met for the first time on Mother's Day in 1935. 

Henrietta's home
The Gatehouse on the Seiberling Estate in Akron, Ohio. 

T. Henry and Clarace Williams
It was at the home of T. Henry and Clarace where Dr. Bob and many of the early founding members of AA met for Oxford Group meetings. 

The Williams' Home
In Akron, Ohio


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