The Mitchell K. Library

A series of articles by AA Historian Mitchell K.

Why Study A.A. History?

The history of AA can be both educational and fascinating and help in making the recovery process a fruitful one.

In the Beginning

The study of the history of Alcoholics Anonymous begins way before its actual founding.

A Glimmer of Hope

Bill met Dr. Bob and the seed that was to become Alcoholics Anonymous was planted at Henrietta's Gatehouse home.

Correcting Errors

Some details of AA literature do not add up under the weight of rigorous scrutiny by historians.

Dr. Bob's Last Drink

Bob sponsored more than 5,000 AA members and left the legacy of his life as an example. But was his last drink on June 10, 1935?

Early A.A. Efforts

Early events and early members that formed the beginning of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Roots of the Big Book

The Books foundations lay in a variety of earlier writings by noted authors, psychiatrists, philosophers and religious figures.

Writing the Big Book

There many quotes from earlier books which can be found, almost verbatim in the Big Book. Bill W. had a lot to choose from when he set forth in his writing.

Financing the Big Book

Bill W. and Hank P. sought help in financing the production of the Big Book. Rockefeller was among their first prospects to provide funding.

Self Support

The idea of self support had its roots in thoughts by Dr. Bob and John D. Rockefeller Jr.

The First Step

Mitchell leads us to The Cleveland Central Bulletin of December 1942 that discusses the First Step.

Saddest Day in AA History

Thoughts on the disgraceful activities of AAWS and AAeV regarding some of the various German Litigations.

German Court Date Delay

The court date delay by AAeV and other issues of concern about AAWS inappropriate activities.

The Big Book Goes to Press

After many revisions and heated discussions, the book is ready to go to press.

Open Letter to A.A. Members

This early 1998 letter encourages AA members to take notice of mis-adventures by GSBAA and AAWS and to contact their delegates or other service representative in order to openly address GSBAA antics that are contrary to AA Principles.

The Big Book is Published

The publishing of the Big Book doesn't meet the sales expectations.

Influx of New Members

The Jack Alexander article in the Saturday Evening Post was a great boost to the plans made by Bill W. and others.

Saturday Evening Post Article

The Saturday Evening Post article greatly increased sales of books and increased information and help requests but the Alcoholic Foundation remained in heavy debt.

Growth of Central Offices

Growth in new AA members during the early 1940s and the new torrent of requests for help led to the formation of local Intergroups and Central Offices to handle all the requests, answer letters, and do 12th Step work.

The A.A. German Court Case

It's true that AAWS is involved in various German litigations. They are acting in a punitive manner and are behaving like a governement.

German Court Orders A.A. Books Destroyed

Good news and bad news on various German Court cases.

AA Corporation's Threats force AOL Germany to cut off an AA Member's Right To Communicate

AAeV (German GSO) threats force AOL in Germany to shut down the AA Big Book Study Group's web site and email addresses.