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Frames of Mind & Creative Arts Trademarks Infringement Litigation Documents

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============ ============ Frames of Mind Litigations Documents    ========================
??? ??, 1990(s) 111-113 PDF
111.gif 112.gif
Review of legal documents-AAWS v. Frames of Mind lawsuit.
Jun & Jul, 1990(s) 114-137 PDF
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116.gif 117.gif
118.gif 119.gif
120.gif 121.gif
122.gif 123.gif
124.gif 125.gif
126.gif 127.gif
128.gif 129.gif
130.gif 131.gif
132.gif 133.gif
134.gif 135.gif
136.gif 137.gif
Settlement & legal documents-AAWS v. Frames of Mind & Creative Arts lawsuit.
Apr 17, 1994 1994 GSC Report
1994 GSC Final Report, page 24
Regarding Circle & Triangle litigations related to the Frames of Mind and Creative Arts litigations (in yellow).