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Sept2, 1999: The whole world is now flooded with AA literature

AA-Literatur, [die] ... nicht nur den deutschen Markt, sondern die ganze Welt überschwemmt

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No restrictions on literature in this box. No copyright secured. Online available in English, Spanish, Russian and German Our work is backed up by voluntary contributions from alcoholics. We carry the message.  Freeley have we received, freely we give. 
The 4th Edition  (a free 1st edition 1939 reprint including the old powerful stories)
The Little Big Book  (English mini editions,  being distributed mostly to prisoners in California, Texas and elsewhere)
El Libro Azul (Newly translated Spanish mini edition,  being distributed mostly to Mexican alcoholics in poverty)
Das Blaue Buch  (Newly translated German Mini edition,  distributed free of charge since 1996, now rare)
Russian Mini Edition  (Newly translated Russian mini edition,  being distributed mostly to financially disabeled Russian speaking alcoholics)
AA Big Book Study Group

AA History

1932 until nowTHE STORY OF CLARENCE H. SNYDER read it online THE EARLY DAYS OF ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS IN CLEVELAND, OHIO (AA history book, 20,000 copies already given away by AA BBSG, now rare,  funds for second printing are currently collected)
Ruth Hock gets a job at Honor Dealers. She starts writing letters to alcoholics on her own. 
Bill works as lay therapist at Towns hospital. He is headed for DT's and paid missionaries
Hank has idea for a book; he sends Bill to Akron to discuss that
Bill still prefers hospitals and paid missionaries. He would be one of them?
Says Dr. Bob Smith and the Akron group: "Money will destroy us. If you need a lot of money, go raise it in New York."
Hank Parkhurst invented the title "Alcoholics Anonymous"
Outline for the book by Hank Parkhurst, "Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc."
Typewritten Manuscript 1938, written according to Hank's outline by two employees: Ruth Hock & William G. Wilson 
Prospectus for the book by Hank Parkhurst, Inc.
Group efforts, Fitz M., Hank P., Bill W., Paul K., Doc Smith and others
Manuscript 39, more than 400 mimeographed complete manuscripts in Jan/Feb 1939 for sale by Works Publishing Company, Newark, New Jersey 
Copyright lost forever
1st printed edition of the book, by Cornwall Press (Mr. Blackwell), Publisher: Works Publishing Company, New York 
April 10th, 1939 fake Copyright registration trading as Works Publishing Company, Newark, New Jersey
February 8th, 1940 "Rockefeller Dinner" at Union Club, NYC
June 20th, 1940 foundation of Works Publishing, Inc., New York
newspaper articles
Memorandum to The Alcoholic Foundation
Jack Alexander Article 
second printing of 1st Edition, message diluted
Cleveland 93% recovery rate
Quarrels, Clarence Snyder and Leonard Harrison
Change of name AA Publishing, Inc.
 2nd edition 1955 by AA Publishing, Inc.
The Professor and the Paradox
Letter from Ruth Hock to Bill Wilson: Manuscript 39 was sold 
3rd edition 1976 by AAWS Inc., 92 changes occurreed
1st edition reprint 1984 in Ohio by CTM (Carry the Message)
Mini edition 1992 by IWS
Cynthia Clarke Weber, legal advisor of AA Inc.  says, manuscript of 1939 was never sold. Duhh!
4th edition 1999 by AABBSG
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